CT-Assist:  Add-on to the SAP SE Software Technology …

The programming language ABAP® is at the very heart of SAP SE’s software technology. As an add-on to this software technology, CT-Assist supports the IT workflow and the use of ABAP with a set of core functions.

 In the future, analysis, processing and documentation of ABAP programs as well as quality assurance will be easier, simpler, and more effective …

⇒ Time-consuming  IT-workflows, incomplete / out of date documentation, critical program processes or long-winded error corrections – are a thing of the past … 

Based on feedback from our users, customers and the ABAP® community, the functions of CT-Assist have been continually extended and optimized over the last 10 years. CT-Assist provides sophisticated support for work processes in the following areas of IT:

The Use of Certified SoftwareSecure Applications for Your Company…

Knowledge of the technical relationships, e.g. in the Repository, ABAP Dictionary, program/class library and of the base programs and system interfaces forms the basis for the substantive analysis and documentation of ABAP code. The prerequisite for developing our CT products is the considerable know-how and many years of experience (more than 30 years) of our development team.

The security of your company’s applications is supported by the certification of the CT-AddOn by the manufacturer of the ERP software. This certification confirms that interfaces are used correctly, that add-on functions are relevant to the process, and that technical implementation is correctly done. Your add-on product has undergone system integration tests within an ERP environment.

You receive an add-on product for which system integration tests have been carried out within your ERP environment. Certified software products significantly enhance your IT security.

Company compliance rules increasingly require the use of certified software, which has the additional advantage of simplifying regular system checks by internal or external auditing bodies, e.g. government tax audits, external audits, internal audits.

SAP SE certified the software solution ‘CT-Assist’ on 28-Mar-2011.

SAP Certificate – CT Assist 7.1

Certified Functions:

  • View and edit ABAP Code (with code completion)
  • Analysis of ABAP Code and provide report
  • Generate program flowchart for ABAP program
  • Generate program flowlogic diagram of ABAP Code (if/then/else…)
  • Generate UML Class diagram of ABAP Class
  • Generate Entity-Relationship diagram of DDIC Tables
  • Generate program documentation in HTML, HTML HELP and Word®
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready