Our Sales Partner Program for SAP Partners, Freelancers …

What kind of sales partners are we looking for?

As a consultant, you are supporting SAP® Software Technology (ABAP) and optimizing IT business processes. We will provide you with our products free of charge, so that you can judge for yourself the potential they provide for additional support, transparency, and performance in the IT field.

If your experience with the products convinces you that they can significantly support work in the IT area, then you are the sales partner we are looking for. As a Software Solution and Technology Partner of SAP SE, we aim to achieve high levels of customer acceptance.

Why does it make sense to use external software tools?

Our add-on programs in the SAP Software Technology (ABAP) area have been specially designed to support these IT areas:

  1. IT Management (IT Management, IT Workflow, IT Controlling)
  2. IT Organization (Reengineering, Analysis, Checklists)
  3. IT Programming/Maintenance (Development, Maintenance, Analysis, Documentation) …
  4. IT Quality Control (Quality Management, Test, Handover to Production) …
  5. IT Auditing (Documentation Checks, Analysis of Critical Code Sections, Trace Recordings) …

Die Zertifizierung unserer  Add-On Programme  erfolgte innerhalb eines externen Prüfungsverfahrens von der SAP SE in 2010/2011/2014:

  1. CT-BW Analyzer & Docu (SAP BW analysis – hierarchy, BW objects, BW meta data)
  2. CT-Assist (planning and IT controlling, ABAP [reengineering, analysis, documentation …])
  3. CT-Debug & Trace Modul (trace debugging session, offline debugging [forward/backward] …)
  4. CT-Codeview & Analyzer (visualization of ABAP code, diagrams [flow logic, ERM, UML, …])
  5. CT-Test & Optimizer (program flow analysis, graphical process analysis, documentation, …)

What are the advantages of becoming a sales partner?

Apart from giving you the possibility to earn the usual commission, selling our certified software tools can support your own client acquisition in several different ways. Three examples:

1. Win new customers

When you start to try and convince a new prospect of the benefits of working with you, as well as presenting your services in the SAP software technology area, you can offer effective software tools for the IT area. The certified CT software tools for transparency, analysis, documentation, and the control of IT business processes provide added value for your future customers. With a relatively limited project effort, you can show your customers the value of your complete service offering (e.g. ABAP analyses, documentation of customer developments, reengineering, transparency of SAP BW meta data models).

2. Combine your services with our products

As an alternative to the type of customer project work you have done so far, you will be able to offer additional services that use our products:

  • Enhancement and linking of ABAP source programs with documents (E-Mail, WORD, PDF, XLS, PPT, …)
  • Use and linking of prepared forms for maintenance and reengineering in ABAP
  • Automatic generation of graphical analyses and of ABAP documentation that is always up-to-date
  • ABAP code analyses, checking of critical commands, code auditing based on checklists
  • Automatic, hierarchical analysis and documentation of the SAP BW customer system

By using our software tools to supplement your service offerings, you can achieve significant results for your customers in a relatively short time.

3. Increase the effectiveness of your in-house projects

If you develop software for your customers at your own company, you will find that using our software tools can noticeably increase your team’s effectiveness. Our development, analysis, and documentation tools significantly enhance the standard ABAP software tools.

Consulting is all about helping … 

Our main focus is on the professional expertise of our sales partners. Remuneration for sales of our certified software tools is on a commission basis with the usual terms.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address: sales@ct-software.com.
Thank you. The CT Team