Tips and tricks when using ABAP® …

As has often been seen in other areas in the Internet, many relatively small ideas that individuals have can be of great benefit to a large group of people. For this reason, the CT team presents some interesting sample ABAP programs as freeware to a wider audience.

The website owners do not assume any warranty or liability for the report information provided. In addition,  the website owners shall not be liable for any damage that might occur in connection with the use of the website. The CT team and the authors assume no responsibility for any damage or losses that might result from the use of the program examples. Conditions of use are given in the report header of each program. (The program documentation is partly in German.)

The ABAP programs are from the areas “Learning” and “Work Programs”.

“Learning” Area

To go to the “Learning” area, click on the following button:

ABAP Code from the area Learning

“Work Programs” Area

To go to the “Work Programs” area, click on the following button::

ABAP Code form the area Work Programs