Project Work with CT Add-On Products for SAP® Software Technology

As a certified provider of software add-on products for SAP® software technology, we can offer you a range of services relating to our software tools.

Subject to the availability of our consultants and your business problems and goals, we can formulate suggestions for solutions and a schedule for completion in the form of a proposal. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

In the following text, we briefly introduce some of our services:

1. Analysis and Documentation of SAP BW Systems

BFrom a business point of view, comprehensive documentation of BW systems can realistically only be achieved when it is partly automated. The analysis of your BW models performed by our add-on “CT-BW-Analyzer” and the subsequent comprehensive documentation of the results of the analysis provides you with significant support for your BW tasks. Use the following links to find out more about the scope of the BW documentation work:

Automatic Dependency Analysis – Example of an InfoCube

2. Analysis and Documentation of ABAP® Code

Analysis of customers’ own ABAP programs, checklist checks for critical code, determining sections of code that require documentation, generation of ABAP documentation – These are just some of the important tasks covered by our services. Using the CT add-on “CT-Assist” we can verify your ABAP programs in a relatively short time. Before starting, we agree the scope of the work with you so that it matches your goals.

Generated Program documentation with Table of Contents

Generated Program documentation with Table of Contents

Generated Program Documentation -> Excerpt: Call Diagram

Generated Program Documentation -> Excerpt: Call Diagram

ABAP Coding -> externes Dokument

Your pre-captured external documents (e.g. e-mails, meeting minutes, graphics, sketches, Word/Excel/PDF and other file types) are connected to the relevant ABAP code using workflow forms and by means of links or bookmarks.

At the same time, another substantial pool of documentation is generated from the project documentation, which can be analyzed separately. In addition, you can include these external documents in the regular program documentation. [More information …]

4. Visualization of Your ABAP Programs

As part of our service offering, you can opt to visualize and document your ABAPprograms on various logical levels and in various different levels of detail. The results of these analyses will provide you with long-lasting support (e.g. error correction, maintenance, change of job responsibilities, team work, visualization/presentations)

CALL Diagrams

Source Diagram (generated automatically from ABAP Program)

Source Diagram (generated automatically from ABAP Program)

In this evaluation, CALL hierarchies (e.g. FORM, FUNCTION, METHOD) or program events (e.g. TOP-OF-PAGE, MODULE, AT) are analyzed and interrelationships are found.

Subsequent routing routines generate a visually optimized graphical representation of these program elements and store it on your document server. [More information …]

Flow-Logic Diagrams

Flow Logic Diagram with ABAP Program

Flow Logic Diagram with ABAP Program

Flow logic analysis enables the graphical representation of decision and processing structures, e.g. CASE, WHILE, LOOP within ABAP® source code.

Using graphical means, this flow graphic shows under which conditions which commands are processed. [More information…]

ER Diagrams

ER Diagram (for table SPFLI with expansion level 2)

ER Diagram (for table SPFLI with expansion level 2)

The relationship of the database tables used in your ABAP programs to other database tables are shown graphically as ER diagrams (entity relationship models), which are stored on the documentation server. [More information …]

UML Diagrams

UML Diagram of ABAP classes ...

UML Diagram of ABAP classes …

The classes dependent on the ABAP OO classes used in your ABAP programs are determined (on the basis of the current class) and shown as a UML class diagram.

In UML notation, the individual ABAP OO classes are shown as boxes (with class names, methods, and attributes). [More information …]

5. Further Analysis and Documentation Services from Our Add-On Tools

To request information about our other service offerings, please send us an e-mail.