Tips and tricks when using ABAP® – Work programs

As has often been seen in other areas in the Internet, many relatively small ideas that individuals have can be of great benefit to a large group of people. For this reason, the CT team presents some interesting sample ABAP programs as freeware to a wider audience.

The website owners do not assume any warranty or liability for the report information provided. In addition,  the website owners shall not be liable for any damage that might occur in connection with the use of the website. The CT team and the authors assume no responsibility for any damage or losses that might result from the use of the program examples. Conditions of use are given in the report header of each program. (The program documentation is partly in German.) The ABAP programs are from the areas “Learning” and “Work Programs”.

The following you find the ABAP ‘Work programs’:

Description Sourcecode Autor
EXPORT of Data to table INDX [Y9030005]
A small data base application with “EXPORT”.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
IMPORT Data from table INDX [Y9030006]
A small data base application with “IMPORT”.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
DELETE Data from table INDX [Y9030007]
A small data base application with “DELETE”.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
A table browser for the table types TRANSP’, ‘POOL’ and ‘CLUSTERS’ [Y9030015]
For testing purposes it is quite useful to have a utility which quickly displays some lines from an external table in an prepared format.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
List generation with FIELD-GROUPS and random number generator ‘QF05_RANDOM’ [Y9030011]
Through the function module ‘QF05_RANDOM’ random numbers can be created.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
Display information within the SAPGUI statusline [Y9030016]
Sometimes it can be useful to display a few additional information within the Sapgui® statusline.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
Testing/Debugging – See which subroutine was processed [Y9030017]
A random generator decides what subroutine will be processed next in this example.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
Testing/Debugging – Variable Delay for each processed subroutine [Y9030018]
The user can see which subroutine is currently executes. At the same time a few trace informations are saved in an internal table.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
Downloading selected Functiongroups with all function modules [ZZENNO01]
Downloading all selected Functiongroups with all modules and subroutines in one file. It does not export the automatically generated function modules for table views!
ABAP®Code E.W.
Show all actually logged on SAP users [Y9030025]
This reports shows all actually logged on user.
ABAP®Code S. R.-S.
Create any report on every target system reachable via RFC [Y9030023]
This reports shows how to create any report on every target system reachable via RFC.
ABAP®Code S. R.-S.
Small random number generator for test data generation [Y9030010]
A small random number generator can be quite helpful for the construction of test data.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
Upload a picture into SAP and save it as standard text [Z_IE_SHOWPIC]
This program contains several forms, they can: upload a picture into SAP and save it as standard text.
ABAP®Code S.Y.
Generate a worldwide unique ID [Y9030024]
This reports does generate a worldwide unique id.
ABAP®Code CT-Team
HR list of employees with name, adress, cost center [YPMLIST1]
This reports does list Persons with their Personalnumber, Name, Adress and Cost information
ABAP®Code T. S.
Upload und download any report with text-symbols [ZUPDOWNALL]
This handy utility can up- and download ABAP reports including their corresponding text symbols.
ABAP®Code E. W.
Sending a SAPOffice message [ZMESSAGE]
This reports does send a message SapOffice.
ABAP®Code A. C.
Upload and Download of SAPGUI Favorites [ZFAV]
Upload and Download of Favorites (From Version SAP relases 4.6x).
ABAP®Code K. T.
Drill down report for a selected material [YPROD001]
Drill down list gives the detail of production order or purchase order or material document for a selected material.
ABAP®Code K. K.
Reading of HR organizational data [ZHR0001]
Auslesen des IT0001 Organisatorische Zuordnung! Übersetzen der Kennzahlen in Text!
ABAP®Code vkrahe