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With our add-ons, you receive certified software tools for a limited time period, which effectively support your activities from the evaluation phase onwards and provide significant benefits. Installation takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

After you filled out the form below you get the download link via e-mail. Because of license regulations we only could reply to trial requests with correct and complete data inputs (company name, contact person, e-mail address in company and country).

We ensure that this data is strictly kept private. The data will be deleted after the retention period per law.

Which add-on module for SAP® systems you want to use?

 x CT-BW Analyzer & Docu 2.1
Add-on for analysis and documentation of SAP BW objects. You can access different subsets of the complete BW documentation simply by starting appropriate evaluation profiles.
The result is available as documentation in various different formats (Microsoft Word RTF, HTML, HTML Help).
 x CT-Assist 7.1
An Add-On for IT Workflow, ABAP Programs, Analysis and Documentation. The programming language ABAP is at the very heart of SAP® AG’s software technology. As an add-on to this software technology, CT-Assist supports the IT workflow and the use of ABAP with a set of core functions.
 x CT-Debug&Trace_Modul
An add-on for automated testing and debugging of ABAP programs. With the CT-Debug&Trace module, you can automatically record the processed ABAP commands of extensive ABAP programs and transactions and analyze that at any later point in time.
 x CT-Codeview & Analyzer 3.0
An add-on for visualizing complex ABAP programs. The graphical representation of ABAP programs provides a comprehensive overview of the coding and substantially supports different IT areas. In future, analysis and research in ABAP source code will be easier, simpler, and more effective.
 x CT-Test& Optimizer 2.0
An add-on for dynamic flow determination of processed ABAP programs. The high level of modularization within the ABAP programming language makes it easy to follow the processed program flow in detail using trace recordings, for example. A graphical offline debugger additionally shows you the program flow as a process diagram.

For these products you can request further information (movies):

 x CT-Professional 100+Help (Vers. 2.1)
The interactive e-Learning system for ABAP connects theory with the practical side by way of a real-time coupling to an SAP system.
 x CT-Understanding 100 (Vers. 2.1)
Practice oriented ABAP e-Learning course through a unique debug simulation of 520 ABAP programs. With the CT-Debug_Simulator it is now possible to gather ABAP practice without having direct contact to an SAP system.


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