Planning Project and Development Tasks

With more than 850 functions, CT-Assist, as an add-on to the software technology of SAP SE, provides significant support for IT.

Using the InfoObject DER1, you can plan, control, or analyze individual project or development tasks at short notice and in a pragmatic way:

  • 1. Planned times: You start by agreeing the planned times per task and development stage (from the planning phase to handover to production) together with the developer in question.
  • 2. Actual times: During program design and maintenance work, the actual times for the various processing stages/tasks are entered as they occur by the developer doing the work.

1. Checking the Completion of Project Tasks

Using the actual times per working day entered in the form, you can, for example, analyze the accompanying workflow form ‘DER1’ at any point in time with a customer-specific ABAP report. A sample work report for analyzing the DER1 working papers is supplied.

You can directly determine the current level of completion of projects or tasks at any time using the form data.

You can derive the probable completion date from other available form data and, where necessary, take the necessary measures to ensure that deadlines are met.

2. Example …

The following screenshot shows the form DER1 – ‘Completion Level of Current Development’ with an analysis by the supplied work report.